ALU Technologies is an ICT Solutions Provider. Our objective is to provide high-level quality-focused network support aimed at satisfying the customer needs.

The Skill Set: We provide customers with access to Microsoft certified IT engineers (MCSE), people who have extensive knowledge and expertise in Microsoft Technologies within mixed computing environments. Our staff has years of experience in the networking field and the setting up and maintenance of LANs and WANs.

Experience: Our staff has a proven track record of working with ICT, especially in implementing, supporting and managing your ICT solutions right up to the corporate level.

Flexibility: We offer a wide range of support services, from simple ‘pay as you call’ options through to the total management of complex ICT infrastructures. Our staff can complement the work of your ICT management team, giving you time to concentrate on important ICT and business goals.

Comprehensive: Our services is proactive, helping you plan, implement and manage your ICT in the most efficient way. It is also preventative, ensuring that the latest technical information always reaches you and is effectively implemented, reducing systems management and support calls. Finally, the service is highly reactive with technical support available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week under normal conditions and broader service times can be arranged where needed.

Cost Effective: We can simplify the way you manage your support, by offering a one-stop contract for Microsoft support without compromising on flexibility, from complementing to replacing your ICT staff, and all according to your specific requirements. We are able to replicate your specific software configuration in our own ICT environment, ensuring that troubleshooting can occur without interruption to your own business flow.